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2018 Mala Luna Music Festival

Have you ever attended the Mala Luna Music Festival?

Cardi B first time in San Antonio, Texas.This years 2018 Mala Luna Music Festival was a blast and with performances from top charting artist like Cardi B, Nicky Jam and 2 Chainz I new I was in for a treat. Walking into the festival you could already see the stage and vendors getting set-up for the weekend. The Nelson Wolfe stadium definitely took on a different persona. Many different artists came and created some memorable art pieces in the center of the field. Smells from the food trucks had me hungry the entire day because you could easily smell it in the parking lot.

The crowd was so heavy with energy that you could feel the intensity rise as soon as a song that everyone new came on. During the Tyler The Creator's performance there was a huge mosh pit that was taking the entire crowd left to right and front and back all in one unison. The first night of the fest everyone waited for Cardi B to perform. Cardi B has a large fan base in San Antonio, Texas so I was sure with all the buzz about her headling that Saturday night and her first time in San Antonio that it would be a huge success. She performed her hit songs from Be Careful, Bodak Yellow, Foreva and Money Bag as well as her new single that just dropped October 23rd. called Money. The last day of the fest had a back to back line up of artists like Young Thug, Dillion Francis, Lil Pump and 2 Chainz to headline the night with a performance that had everyone hyped up.

Photo Credit: Joshua Pedro

In addition to the second day of the festival I had the pleasure of meeting and interviewing the Bay Area Icey Girl Saweetie. She pulled out her Hustle and Flow look and performed her hit song "Icey Girl" that she is famously known for and her new single off her latest EP "Up Now" featuring G-Eazy and Rich The Kid.

Photo Credit: Chicle Creative

I would suggest every music lover to attend next years 2019 Mala Luna Music Festival for an even bigger show. For more information make sure to check their website for purchasing tickets before they sell out. I promise this will be the music event of every year in San Antonio, Texas.

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