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Emerging Nail Artist

Stilettos...Coffin and Square Oh My!

Do you love trying new nail designs? Find out more about why people are using Swarovski crystals and who in town has you covered. Ryan Phan is an emerging nail tech that has blown all of his clients away with his already famous Swarovski crystal designs and his Kim&Me nail product. I had the pleasure of having my nails done by Ryan and got the scoop on everything that sets him apart from other nail technicians here in the city.

Ryans Nails:

  • Uses his own product that him and his wife created

  • Swarovski Crystal Specialist

  • Skin Safe Tools (no cutting)

  • Professional and On-Time

  • Informative

Video Credit: Chicle Creatives

Producer: Maria Kristina

Location: The OASIS salon (suite 42) 1826 N Loop 1604 W, San Antonio, TX 78258 FB: Ryan Phan IG: ryansnails Website:

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