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A Hair Extraordinaire

Chelsea Kidder started her journey as a professional dancer and while attending dance class Chelsea was expected to do her own makeup for her dance performances. After attending her first professional makeup class at the age of 12yr. Chelsea had always enjoyed doing hair but also helping her friends with theirs and through that she found a continued passion in helping those around her with hair and makeup.

I enjoy giving my guests an attentive and laid back experience at the salon while also educating when I can. - Chelsea Kidder

Q: Professionally, what's your goal?

A: I am not sure where my journey in the hair industry will take me but I hope to continue evolving into an even more knowledgeable, talented and credible artist. My goal is always to help brighten my guest’s day and help them feel great about themselves. When you look great, you feel great! I would love to be a celebrity stylist of course but I also enjoy sharing my knowledge. One day I could see myself educating other stylists, possibly owning my own salon, and/or even creating my own product line!

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