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Niki Symone - Music Artist of the Week

Who is Niki Symone? A Multi-talented free spirit who is a R&B/Neo Soul Recording Artist, Performer, Songwriter, Actress, Host, Model, and Master Hairstylist (better known as Pinkie). She is a native of San Antonio Texas, Graduate of Sam Houston High School in 1997 and a mother of three. With many achievements such as opening up for the likes of recording artist Dwele, R Kelly and Lyfe Jennings. Niki Symone was published and featured in the San Antonio Express News as well as appeared on Fox 29 Daytime at Nine. She has received three nominations for Best Female R&B Artist (two being from her city and the other in Memphis) she was awarded with two out of the three.

Niki Symone performed at the 2015 Taste of New Orleans (Fiesta) Sunken Gardens- Zulu Association, as well as acted in several stage plays under the direction of B Mo Holy Productions. She is a songwriter who write most of her EP NS Diaries. There are many ways to describe Niki Symone, but unique, talented, and charismatic just seem to scratch the surface. However, there is one word that ties them all together and is true to her character.

Niki Symone Music is Real. Few people sing so honestly from their heart and soul. Niki Symone does so in just the right way, combining art, story, and soul in perfect unison. From frequently attending Karaoke nights and Open mics, to performing on stages like the Carver Theater and auditoriums like the AT&T Center. Niki Symone has truly left her mark as the San Antonio's Queen of Soul.

Q & A:

Q: What is your dream music project? A: My Dream music project would be a feature with or collaboration with Erykah Badu, Fantasia, Jill Scott or Anthony Hamilton to only name a few or the opportunity to be under mentorship with any of the artists mentioned. To be honest, having the opportunity to sing on national television has always been a dream.

Q: Name three artists you’d like to be compared to A: I am always compared to likes Tina Turner, Erykah Badu, and Aretha Franklin

Q: Professionally, what’s your goal? A: Professionally my goal is to be able to travel across the world and bless every mic I touch! I want to encourage, motivate, and inspire others through my music. And continue to grow my audience.

Q: What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given going into the music industry? A: Don't let anyone sell you a dream, dreams are free the hustle is sold separately.

Contact Information:

  • IG: @nikisymonemusic

  • FB: @nikisymonemusic

  • Website: nikisymone

  • Email: and

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