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2018 August Issue

Kara Stevens is a musical rocket! With her own brand of rock/jazz fusion and some life experience under her shiny belt, this rising star is poised to fly. A recent conversation with this up-and-coming artist reveals a restlessness that only those with a true passion can convey. She was asked where she wants her musical journey to take her, and she exclaimed, “The sky’s the limit.” Slated to perform September 15th at SA Monthly Magazine’s “Socialite of the Year” Toga party event, we are honored to assist in her launch!

A native of San Antonio, Kara’s music career started out as a hobby. Her words uncover a degree of maturity not usually encountered in someone her age. “Since I was 3 years old, I would sing and create Broadway style musicals and perform them for friends and family. I have always known that music was the path I would follow.” How that path would unwind before her was a bit less clear.

As a student at Churchill High School, she was a 5A pitcher and has tried out for the Olympics several times. Mediocrity was clearly not a word in this young woman’s vocabulary. While a student at UTSA, she was studying painting /sculpture and met an instructor that recognized her talent and drive. “Ken Little”, she exclaims, “was instrumental in her development as an artist “, and eventually a performer. At the annual UTSA Student Awards show one year, she was surprised when Little announced that all the awards for that year were going to one artist. That artist was Kara Stevens.

Read the rest of Kara's fascinating story by clicking on the cover:

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