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Marketing Expert Markell Holland

Like you, marketing expert and entrepreneur Markell Holland has seen the world of marketing change drastically over the years. Is it for everyone? Do likes and shares matter? How will it affect ROI over time? How does one translate physical business to a digital space?

With just over 10 years of experience in sales, accounting, and marketing, his view is different. Markell appreciates, and shares with his audience, connecting with others personifies the digital commerce age we are in. Markell started InTheVisual Marketing as an SEO company to assist individuals, corporate entities, and small business define their traffic. InTheVisual Marketing is now a full-service marketing company that specializes in everything digital.

Born in San Antonio, Texas Markell Holland has created a lane for himself and others to build business and community. We are thrilled to offer his expertise in marketing to our readers and clients. He comes on board at Marketing Director of SA Monthly Magazine!

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