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Maria Kristina Becomes a SA Monthly Magazine Marketing Director!

Maria Kristina is a more than your every day Social Media Marketer. She is self taught and a self made business woman. Originally from the Silicon Valley, she has taken the social media world by storm and has made a name for herself in the marketing industry.

Maria Kristina has built a great network of professionals and is now changing the way we look at marketing by bringing innovative ways of making social media as simplistic as possible for businesses to connect with their audience. Now currently working with many individuals, small businesses as well as corporate companies in our community, we believe there is nothing she can’t handle.

She is well known for her inspiring adoption story of how she found her birth parents and 13 siblings utilizing social media. She is now one of the co-owners of Inthevisual Marketing which is a full service marketing company that specializes in everything digital and founded right here in the heart of San Antonio, Texas.

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