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Why you have to meet Simply Rayne

Urban-pop siren Simply Rayne is a fierce force for positivity poised to shine her light on the mainstream. But the 19-year-old self-described “Afro-tina” didn’t come out of the womb singing. Her journey to assured artistry has been steeped in hard work and self-possession. Now, she announces her reign with the irresistible tropical soul-pop single “Don’t Stop.”

“I feel very empowered in this new era,” the San Antonio, Texas-based starlet says. “I know who I am, I know my roots, and I’m running with it. I want to make music for everyone, no matter what culture or background they come from.”

Simply Rayne’s music is a smoldering fusion of classic and current R&B and soul, and pop spiked with a dash of hip-hop. Her aesthetic has been shaped by her parent’s impeccable record collection, and her own musical explorations. At home, Rayne was weaned on evergreens such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, Bill Withers, Al Green, Diana Ross and Etta James. On her own she soaked up modern icons such as Michael Jackson, Destiny’s Child, Prince, Rihanna, Bruno Mars, Mary J. Blige, and Lauryn Hill. However, by far her most seismic influence is none other than Beyoncé, and, incidentally, a sweetly charming Rayne appears in a concert trailer for Beyoncé’s 2013 Miss Carter Show World Tour.

From out of the gate, Rayne has been positioned toward a promising music career. Her 2013 debut single earned her international airplay on radio 2RDJ-FM in Australia, and it secured her a feature on The Stars of Tomorrow Top Five Songs. In 2016, Rayne began a fruitful working relationship with the production duo The KlubJumpers (

which remains vital to this day. The KlubJumpers have 80 Billboard-charting songs and numerous Gold and Platinum Records to their name.

Rayne is a multi-faceted entertainer and has performed and made appearances in a wide variety of contexts. She’s appeared in film, television, modeling shows, radio festivals, sporting events, anti-bullying campaigns, award ceremonies, and at traditional musical performances. Select live performance highlights include sharing the stage with such diverse artists as Keith Sweat, Doug E. Fresh, Becky G., G-Eazy, Steve Aoki, Lil Wayne, Future, Migos, funk icons Lakeside, Wiz Khalifa, and Khalid. Rayne has also performed two years in a row at the Mala Luna Music Festival. In addition, she has the unique distinction as an indie artist of singing her original song “How We Do” to a televised and live audience of over 30,000 viewers at the Fiesta Texas Cavaliers River Parade in San Antonio.

Onscreen, Rayne has been featured in a Taco Cabana Restaurant commercial,and she has also made an appearance as herself in the soon-to-be released independent film, The Margarita Man, a romantic college-comedy directed by Daniel Danny Ramos, and starring veteran actors Pepe Serna and Jesse Borego.

Core to Rayne’s soul is her desire to set a positive example as a multi-cultural young woman, with faith-based ethos, and unflinching optimism. Following this path, she’s earned prime accolades and awards from a variety of sources. A cross section of highlights in this realm include earning the title of “Teen VogueAmbassador”; cover features inReFocused Magazine and ChicaGirl; being aBoldFavor Award Honoree, in recognition of amazing leadership in the entertainment field, and being named a City of San Antonio Youth Ambassador.

Born Reiana Fernandez in San Antonio, Texas, Simply Rayne came into her own through hard work and big dreams. Initially, she had her heart set on becoming an actress and a model, but after experiencing the elegant thunder of Beyoncé, Reiana began the transformation to Rayne. The name came to a family friend who had an epiphanic dream where Reiana was outside in the rain. The beauty and purity of the image resonated with her. She added the “simply” out front to honor the warmly accessible side to her personality.

At 13, Rayne applied her family’s work ethic to vocal lessons, pushing away her barriers of shyness in service of her dreams. “I really had to push myself—I was scared to sing in front of anybody. I had to get over it, and just put in the work,” she says. That enlightening year she made her singing performance debut at church.

Simply Rayne has previously issued the empowering urban anthem “How We Do” and the smolderingly soulful ballad “Need To Know.” Her latest, “Don’t Stop,” produced by the Klubjumpers, and featuring Baby Bash, is an artistic high watermark. It’s a balmy sun-kissed track bursting with urban swagger, and Rayne’s sensually dreamy vocals that ease from a rhythmic soulfulness to a silken flow. The track was a full collaboration with her production team, and it has been imaginatively remixed by The Klubjumpers, Jay Salter, Dark Intensity and Knappy. On it, Rayne wrote her melodies and lyrics, and her producers built the track. A self-confessed “book worm,” Rayne’s lyrics come from her passion for literature. Her gift for metaphorical flair is on full display on “Don’t Stop” where she likens the bliss of dancing to the carefree purity of new love. Here, she sweetly encourages the tune’s love interest to never stop dancing as the couple segues into the uneasy, post-honeymoon phase of a romantic relationship.

Simply Rayne is also not going to stop dancing as she sashays her way into the spotlight, releasing singles, building her fanbase through gigging, and attracting industry exposure with her inner light and pop-star aura. With a lot to look forward to, Rayne says she’s most excited about inspiring others to shine. She says: “If there is one thing I achieve, I hope it’s to make people feel like they can be their best selves. And I’m not afraid to be the role model that shows them they can do it all without compromising their values.”

To learn more about Simply Rayne or to listen to some of her songs click here.

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