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One click of your mouse can save several horses!

Would you like to be able to help us help the horses of Meadow Haven by one click of your mouse every single day from now until December 5, 2018 and it won’t take but a moment of your time? Here’s how: Meadow Haven was invited to participate in a contest developed by Eagle Rare Life which gives us the opportunity to tell you more about Darla Cherry, the President of Meadow Haven AND gives our rescue the chance to win $50,000. Starting today and every day, please click on the provided link and vote for Darla and Meadow Haven. We would also deeply appreciate you sharing this with all your friends and family and ask them to do the same. Winning this contest would allow them to do so many things that are desperately needed including a new water well and water lines, putting up additional loafing sheds in the pastures, updating their electrical systems in the barns, improving our fencing and etc. Please, your one click a day could truly be the answer to many, many prayers.

To vote click here

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