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The kindness of strangers is so important in my life right now as I maneuver about in a place where physical friends do not exist and a lack of a car makes life a challenge.

Last evening around 6:45, I was walking the 1/2 mile to the FDR Home, here in Hyde Park. I've walked it a number of times, but for some reason I resumed my title of "Prima Ballerina at the Klutz Ballet."

My left foot caught the lip of the uneven asphalt and after stumbling and unsuccessfully trying to catch my balance with my hiking stick...down I went. Sprawled over the shoulder, as I sat up to take inventory, four cars, on both sides of the road screeched to a stop.

These four strangers picked me up and stayed as I surveyed the damage. Scraped knees, hands and an aching wrist where it could have been so much worse. One man took me down to the FDR, where a documentary presentation was waiting. As we parked he handed me a small first aid kit and said 'keep it.'

It enabled me to clean up, and bandage myself properly to enjoy the film.

Later, with flashlight in hand, I started walking home, but two elderly women stopped and offered a ride.

I returned home, a bit more banged up than when I left, but with a heart rejoicing at the kindnesses shown.

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