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Author of the Month - Valéssa Winslow

Redemption became her sole purpose to ignite her passion. From humble beginnings this force of nature has been called out to the heavens for a direct line to claim her stardom to success. Born in Greenville, Mississippi, from poverty to possibilities, this rare talent was told “no” many times but as you can see she has risen to become a "Yes"!

This beautiful soul has served our country and is the CEO and Founder of her own nonprofit, Inspire 2b Transformed, LLC. Valéssa believes in paying it forward while giving back to our youth that suffer from emotional and behavioral setbacks. She has risen to become an Author, Keynote Speaker, and Transformation Coach. She has been recently featured on the cover of Magic Imagine Hollywood Magazine. She has also been interviewed by Shelly Miles from San Antonio Living and Kimberly Crawford at Daytime at Nine.

At a young age her grandmother, Helen Marie Winslow, empowered and imparted wisdom in her to never say I can’t! Ms. Winslow was given a revelation to let go of the wheel. A true testament where she found her mojo to self publish two books telling us her story as a survivor and warrior, not a victim. Her books are entitled "Rape the Silencer", "Good Girls Don’t Tell Until Now" and "Rape the Silencer, Work the Book". She is sponsored by Barnes and Noble, Kindle, and Amazon website.

Valéssa resides in San Antonio, Texas where she plays by the rules 'go big or go home!' Her mantra is: “Ordinary is not in my DNA!”

Photo by: Lafaiete Photography and Wardrobe by: Cheetahlish

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