Nina Sarahphina: San Antonio's Wardrobe Stylist Touring Around the Word!

Nina Henderson, performing artist turned wardrobe stylist, was introduced to fashion her senior when she enrolled in a dance production course at Texas State University. Hanging up her dancing shoes in 2010, she formed Dream Theme productions with photographer Larry Castillo and makeup artist Sophia Jacqueline. 

 DANCING SHOES Photographer: Candice Ghai Photography 

Shortly after graduating, Nina worked full time as a creative director at her Style Studio. The first photo shoot production was a fashionable twist on the seven deadly sins. In 2017, Nina reintroduced the production in the form of a photo shoot challenge where models, photographers, makeup artists, and hair stylists compete for a grand prize of $500.


 GREED 2010 Photographer: Larry Castillo Photography 



GREED 2017 Photographer: Waldinei Lafaiete 


Today, Nina is touring around the world showcasing her first original design, Fransetta, a vintage inspired hat collection that has been featured in Paris, London, and Tokyo. 


PARIS 17’ Photographer: Kaludijus Kairys



LONDON 18’ Photographer: Klaudijus Kairys


TOKYO 18’ Photographer: Kevin Tamasiro



Nina Sarahphina’s Style Studio Showcase & Industry Mixer is coming to a city near you! We are on the search for a talented team of models, photographers, makeup artists and hair stylists to compete in the first 5thannual Nina Sarahphina’s Style Studio photo shoot & runway challenge summer 2018.

SHOWCASE & MIXER flyer by Iam Richrocket Media


You can learn more about Nina Sarahphina’s Style Studio upcoming tour dates and browse the latest collection at

“Life is full of naked opportunities, and I have wardrobe for that.”

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