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Devin Castleton - Restoring Male Elegance One Man at a Time!

Tailoring has the potential to make a man’s clothes more elegant conveying a message that he is detail-oriented and has a sense of style.

Most men typically do not have the time to shop for tailored clothes. They end up wearing oversized outfits that lack elegance making trousers or sweaters look too big, saggy or bulky.

Devin Castleton, founder of Limatus Spoke, created an elegant showroom inside of the historic Roosevelt Library, now a private-owned upscale location, where men have the opportunity to purchase hand-measured and tailored clothes to fit their bodies perfectly. Using the highest-quality available fabrics all suits and outfits are made to the customer’s specifications – nothing is mass produced.

During the appointment Devin and his team take over 20 body measurements that are used to design every aspect of a suit, shirt, jacket and pants while their clients sip a drink in a showroom that resembles a sophisticated Manhattan club. Devin believes that such an elegant environment combined with its relaxed atmosphere helps his team to look deep into the client’s personality creating refined clothing that reflect his personality.

Limatus Bespoke is more than a custom clothier in San Antonio. It’s a place where businessmen, young entrepreneurs and fashion-oriented millennials feel confident and experience a renewed sense of self-esteem.

Too busy to visit their showroom? No problem, they are also available to meet their exclusive customers in their home or office.

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