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Jason Echols - A Personification of Perseverance

Jason Echols embodies the spirit of those who are able to redefine themselves after hitting a rock bottom situation in life. A native of San Antonio, Jason always dreamed about being a rockstar. His childhood dream became a reality when he formed his band and landed a record label deal! But the universe had other plans for Jason… The rockstar dream was replaced by a passion for martial arts and weight lifting. With the help of supporting mentors and a deeper spiritual overview on life, Jason underwent an emotional transformation that gave him insight on starting a business in the fitness field. Having no money or resources, he ventured out on hope and prayer. After some trial and error experiences, including those moments where most small business owners feel that their passion is not a profitable business model, Jason begged for God’s help and followed that up with intense work, persistence and focus on the prize. Business steadily started getting more notoriety. The turning point in his business endeavor came when celebrities in the sports field started noticing his passion for fitness. Tim Duncan, David Robinson and Jackie Earie Haley, among other stars, became loyal clients and felt inclined to spread the word about his Echols Fitness among elite athletes and influencers. To learn more about Jason and the successful Echols Fitness please visit their website at

Photography by: Marks Moore

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