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Animal Print is the New Black!

For decades women have shopped for blazers, tops and dresses in the traditional colors: black, white, navy and grey. However, animal print, when properly worn, still remains a secret wardrobe weapon for women who dare to be different and exotic! If fashion shows are any indication, the print is more loved than ever!

Cheetahlish is an eclectic shopping destination in the heart of Old Helotes.

The fashion brand is the creation of Debbie James, a former clothing buyer for Macy’s in the trendy New York city.

Debbie has traveled the world in search of inspiration for her designs and a trip to Africa redefined her fashion appreciation. Along with her husband, a gemologist, Debbie has created a unique and exotic boutique where fashionistas can find the latest trends, accessories and artistic hand-made jewelry.

Repeat shoppers, who easily become part of Debbie’s social network, are often invited to the boutique to sip wine and watch fashion shows where Debbie shares her latest findings in the fashion industry.

Debbie James Cheetahlish 14837 Old Bandera Rd, Bldg. D Helotes TX 78023

2 miles west of 1604 and Bandera Rd in Old Town Helotes. Take Bandera Road west 2 miles and turn left on Old Scenic Loop. One block and you drive straight into our parking lot.

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