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Financial Advice of the Month

In our financial series this month we discuss: “The way we purchase is expensive, not what we purchase”.

We want to introduce Mike Johnson, your San Antonio and surrounding cities neighborhood Financial Adviser. Mike operates a financial planning practice with Northwestern Mutual, a proud sponsor of the 2018 NCAA Championship right here at the Alamo Dome!

"What my clients find value in, is the dual checking account system. It’s simple!

1) Calculate all your bills for the month and make sure all your monthly bills draft from this account. This will be your “ Bills” account where your direct deposit will go in. Ensure you do not have access to this debit card.

2.) Give yourself a percentage of your net pay for the pay period (20%), depending on personal goals. I call this your “Fun Account” in which you have a debit card to buy anything you want. You can also view this as your allowance. This is the debit card you can make all the purchases you want! If you run out of money in the “Fun Account” no more yoga pants or beer until next pay period! The money left over after your allowance and bills is for savings then investing. Until next time!"

Mike is a native Texan, a service driven individual mentoring at Big Brothers Big sisters and at local schools. Mike honorably served our country with the United States Air Force for 8 years and continues to serve our local community while working with the non-profit group 300 Seconds. Mike won the prestigious and highly coveted award, Rookie of the Year this past year and continues to strive to further enrich the city with his financial advice.

Mike Johnson


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