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Your Home's Entry

Your entry is the first impression your guests receive as they enter your home. In fact, it’s been said that buyers make their opinion of your home in the first five minutes of entering. We suggest you make a big statement right from the start.

Use your entry to display a big, colorful piece of art. Pair it with a fun rug and you’re sure to make a lasting impression.

Adding texture to a wall will certainly command your visitors’ attention. Today there are a variety of stone veneer products that won’t break the bank too.

Sometimes an amazing set of doors and a chandelier are just what you need in the entry. Here, tongue and groove boards on the ceiling provide additional warmth to the space.

Adding a gallery wall in your entry is an inexpensive way to share your experiences and travels with your guests. Keep your frames in matching colors to allow your photos to stand out.

When it comes to your home’s entry, do not miss your opportunity to greet those who enter your home with enough ‘wow’ factor that makes them want to explore further.

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