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Identical Twin Interior Designers Become Editors of SA Monthly Magazine!

Identical twin sisters Theresa Naramore and Cheryl Green turned their passion for design and handcrafted art into their careers. Together they co-own Twin Sisters Interiors. They are Texas natives, born in Houston and now residing in San Antonio and Boerne respectively. Growing up as identical twins had many benefits that shaped the girls into the women they are today. They were best friends and that’s why they work so well together at Twin Sisters Interiors. They competed with each other in sports and for grades. That helped give them the drive they have today. Neither one wants to be outdone. They both have always been very creative and artistic. Today they use that creative ability to make their clients spaces beautiful. They have also developed their artistic skills in to a business as well. Theresa works with wood to create beautiful custom barn doors and other wood pieces. She often incorporates them into her design jobs. Her doors are in high demand and she ships them all over the United States. Cheryl uses her artistic skill to create custom oil and acrylic art for her clients spaces. Some of her art can be seen at the Lee Bunch Gallery in Del Rio, Texas. Cheryl and Theresa have made several appearances on local talk shows demonstrating DIY home design projects. They would love to have a show of their own one day. Together the twins find the perfect balance of new and old, rustic but polished, elegant yet comfortable. They are very honored and excited about becoming contributing editors for SA Monthly Magazine. Click here to learn more about Twin Sisters Interiors.

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