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Success and the City - Cover Story

How do you measure success? Money? Fame? Power? For four amazing San Antonio women, success is measured in how much they help others and the city of San Antonio itself. Their stories share several intriguing properties: hard work, perseverance, training, and faith in oneself. They all chose to follow their passions and persevered until those passions bore fruit. Did these women believe they should have success handed to them on a silver platter? No. They worked hard, trained diligently, and created astounding success through their industrious efforts.

Hope Cowgill has had a passion for rhythm and movement since she could walk, and this passion has directed her entire successful career! After a decade of teaching fitness and earning certifications in numerous movement styles, Hope opened inBalance in 2012. She has one main goal: to create a love of movement in each and every client she meets, knowing that movement and dance are the keys to health and long life. She strives to make San Antonio a happier and healthier city.

Crystal Holmes abandoned a successful life in the corporate world to strike out on her own. What started out as a “hair removal business” has grown into an A-list spa destination for a Who’s Who of San Antonio, but in spite of her incredible success professionally and financially, what does she really credit as her greatest success? “When you keep your vision on the mission of helping people, the business will work out.”

Grecia Dilley had a vision: helping women who were tired of feeling like just another customer at big box fashion stores. She started with thirty dresses in her own home, meeting individually with women and helping them to find their inner Diva, and now, with Fashion Diva Couture Showroom, she brings the fashion sensibility of LA and New York to San Antonio. She loves to see her clients shed their inhibitions and embrace their true inner Diva.

Michelle Taylor has changed the way San Antonio views hair. She has delivered runway-ready styles to anyone in San Antonio who wants them, even if they aren’t walking the runway. While she literally styles hair for local celebrities and models, she focusses on training her team of stylists in the latest trends and styles across the globe to keep San Antonio at the forefront of style and fashion.

Success? In the City of San Antonio, these women embody every aspect of the word.

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